sleeve / charcoal / 10mm


What makes it great?


→ Made with 100% natural Merino wool felt (sustainable and biodegradable)

→ Lasts years moving in and out of a bag (guaranteed)

→ Provides a flat place to rest your device on the go

→ No logos or branding

→ Custom fit for your device

→ Made in the USA


The perfect sleeve 

Protects from scratches and dents, inside or outside your bag. Our 10mm sleeves give the maximum protection and are fit for every device.


↑ each layer is 5mm thick in our 10mm sleeve


No wear, no tear

Our 100% merino wool felt is naturally durable and padded. It can stand up to being taken in and out of a bag for years with no signs of wear. It's also nice to know that unlike imitation polyester wool felt, it's 100% biodegradable. Learn why wool is the perfect material for together.


Fit to perfection

Our sleeves are form fitting for every device (with or without additional covers). That means we have dozens of custom variations to make sure your device is snug and protected. You can also choose which side your sleeve opens on— short side or long side.


Made in the USA

We design and hand make everything in our studio in New York, New York. Find us on instagram


Our shipping and return policy

USPS Domestic shipping is included :) Faster shipping options are available. International shipping is available for a flat low rate (yes we ship just about anywhere). If you have any special shipping needs, just let us know.

Everything we make comes with a five year warranty and a 30-day return/exchange policy. After 30 days, if any part of your sleeve wears out, we'll fix or replace it—guaranteed. We have been making sleeves since 2010 and still hear from happy customers using their first sleeve.