What's going on with Magic Sleeve production?

I've been surprised by the response to this brand new product. We have caught up with back orders and are ready to take new orders.

What is the difference between short side and long side opening?

You can choose which direction your sleeve opens. The short side is the top and the long is the side on an iPad for example. Short side sleeves let you charge iPads and MacBooks while they are in the sleeve. Long side sleeves are handy if you always put your sleeve into a wide bag. 

What does ‘with smart folio’ mean for the Model/device fit?

We offer many options for the fit of our sleeves. Since we prefer a snug fit, we make sleeves with different fit options to accommodate a device plus common accessories. If you always use a cover on your iPad, we'd recommend choosing the fit for your device plus that particular cover. 

Do you ship international?

Yes! We offer low cost international shipping to just about anywhere in the world. If you add an item to a cart and start the checkout process, the shipping cost will appear. 

Can I find your product in a store near me?

We currently are taking the direct-to-consumer approach. We love using a premium material like German wool felt, but still want to keep our prices low. In the past we have had a limited number of stockists and we were even approached by the Apple Store. We are selling exclusively on our website. 

Does the Apple Pencil fit inside a short side opening sleeve to charge while it's in the sleeve?

Yes! I added a fit for this on the iPad Pro models.